Stripper St. Louis

Stripper St. Louis

Are you a high class stripper? St Louis might not be the best town in which to exhibit your talents. We represent The Diamond Cabaret at 1401 Mississippi Avenue in Sauget, Illinois. Let's talk about the kind of money a girl like you can make in a club like this.

If you think you've got the good looks and shining personality required to make a go of it in the exotic dance industry, please come speak with someone at Diamond Cabaret gentlemens club in Sauget, Illinois. You could be a stripper St Louis, or you could make the short commute across the rover and make some decent bank at Diamond Cabaret Gentlemens Club. If you're not a stripper St Louis, you could still make an excellent living as a food server in Guccioni's Restaurant next door. These are strange economic times we live in, but there's still money to be made in the world of exotic dance. Please don't feel embarrassed about working in the dance trade. Burlesque has been a fine mode of entertainment for many generations. Stripping is a classic art, when done well. Stripping is sexy, to be sure, but there's more to it than just shaking your moneymaker.

A stripper St Louis can be proud of the way she earns her living. A young woman's body is one of the finest of nature's creations. If you've got the looks and the talent, come be a dancer at Diamond Cabaret Gentlemens Club. The most marvelous strip club in St Louis is not in St Louis at all.

Stripper St. Louis
Diamond Cabaret St. Louis
1401 Mississippi Ave‎ East St Louis, IL 62201

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Stripper St. Louis
1401 Mississippi Ave. - Sauget, IL
Phone: 618-274-0380